Moshi Village out now in App Store!

The new Game on Moshi Monster in Monstro City has lately been released into the app store on iphone.The dastardly Dr. Strangeglove has been nabbing Moshlings to feed into his ghastly Glumpatron and you have to save the day. The app is thrilling and adventurous and very addictive!

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You can head over to the app store and download Moshi Village, the goopendous new game for mobile and tablet, today and jump into the fun! Lately Moshi Monsters have also released another Moshi Monsters app! That was Moshi Digi, It enables you to read and buy the Moshi Monsters magazine without you even having to leave your house! How great is that!

• Rescue Moshlings in monsterific mini-games

• Play with your favourite of the Moshi Monsters

• Build your very own Moshling village in stunning 3D

• Personalise your village with tons of moshitastic buildings and decorations

• Care for your Moshlings to level up and earn tons of Rox

• Make friends and visit their villages to lend a hand

Whaddaya say, Moshi fans? Are you in? Check it out now! Visit the App Store and grab your copy!Comment below and tell me what YOU think of Moshi Village!

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