Moshi Movie Mystery

The Moshi Movie is a film that is due on the 20th December produced by Moshi Monsters. There are four missions that go with it that can be played if you are a super moshi! It was first revealed in Issue 36 of Moshi Monsters Magazine. It was released on December 16. The story line of the mission is that Dr. Strangeglove steals the Moshi Movie film at the premiere of the movie and the Monsters have to get it back.


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The rewards for completing each one of four segments is either rox or a moshling! Mission 1: Missing Moshling Egg is available for everyone to play, the rest are available for Members only. Once solved, they can be replayed any time.

Bug Rush – Blinki
Part 1 – 100 XP 50 Rox.
Part 2 – Fitch
Part 3 – Jackson
Part 4 – Marty

Super Moshi Missions are missions where you and your monster solve clues to save Monstro City. Super Moshis collect a reward when they have completed the missions.Players get a Moshling at the end of every solved mission, except for the 20th mission (last of Season 2), which yielded the full set of Zoshlings. These four missions shall be available thought the Moshi Movie reveal. Leave a comment below on what you think of the new missions!

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