The Glump Sharks

Hi Guys! Paw here telling you a bit about Glump Sharks.

The Glump Sharks are mutant glumps. They appear in season 2 mission 9: Missing On A Star where the Super Moshi must de-glump them and free trapped moshlings. They are half fish- half glump.

150px-Shark_Bruiser  150px-Shark_Fishlips 150px-Shark_Pong


The Bruiser Shark          The Fishlips Shark          The Pirate Pong Shark

Four Claw Hi-yaa Hurricane

Hi Guys! Paw here showing you an ROAR-SOME Katsuma music video! Welcome to a world where Katsuma rules! Watch in awe as the Moshi Monsters gooperstar makes monstermeat of Dr Strangeglove and his gloopy Glumps.

Christmas Codes 2014

Merry Christmas. We wish the best for you and your family! All the best, and we hope you weren’t too naughty this year! A don’t eat too many candy canes! What did you get for Christmas? Comment! Merry Twistmas!! Also, here are some old Christmas codes if you haven’t used them from the past!

  • Twistmas Bauble: BAUBLE41
  • Twistmas Scare Bear: TEDDY23
  • Twistmas Lights: LIGHTS30
  • Twistmas Candycane: CANE15
  • Twistmas Wallpaper: PAPER18
  • Snow Machine: MACHINE40
  • Twistmas Floor: FLOOR11
  • Twistmas Door: DOOR42
  • Twistmas Window: WINDOW44
  • Twistmas Deer: DEER9
  • Twistmas Stocking: STOCKING12
  • Twistmas Tree 2012: TREE47

How to create a Moshi Monsters Pumkin

It’s Moshi pumpkin time! Download a handy dandy printable sheet with Moshi cut-outs that you can stick to your very own pumpkins at home. Check out this ROARSOME Moshi pumpkin that was made by Moshi staffers at Moshi HQ.

Click the orange button on the right sidebar to download your printable sheet. Print it out, and ask an adult to help you cut out the shapes you want to use. Then use tape to stick the features to your pumpkin, and voila! Don’t have a pumpkin? Stick your eyeballs to any round fruit or squash, your favourite basketball or football, or to a balloon.
I think I’m going to use Furi eyeballs with a Poppet mouth, AND some Diavlo horns. It’ll be a Moshi-Franken-pumpkin! Comment on THIS blog and tell me what kind of pumpkin YOU would like to make.

Keep your eyes at hand…