Hey guys! Paw here showing you some ROARSOME codes!



mrssnoodlenewgifEven Mr Snoodle is excited about these codes!


.1221527287 gets you 200 rox!

.Spinny gets you a Catherine Wheel!

Secret Codes

Hi guys! Paw here telling you about 3 really good codes for you to use!

The codes are:





.Sofuzzy gets you a cow from Sludge Street

.Gozoom gets you a SG Jet

.Bagggage gets you 236 rox!

Hope you like these new codes!

How to create a Moshi Monsters Pumkin

It’s Moshi pumpkin time! Download a handy dandy printable sheet with Moshi cut-outs that you can stick to your very own pumpkins at home. Check out this ROARSOME Moshi pumpkin that was made by Moshi staffers at Moshi HQ.

Click the orange button on the right sidebar to download your printable sheet. Print it out, and ask an adult to help you cut out the shapes you want to use. Then use tape to stick the features to your pumpkin, and voila! Don’t have a pumpkin? Stick your eyeballs to any round fruit or squash, your favourite basketball or football, or to a balloon.
I think I’m going to use Furi eyeballs with a Poppet mouth, AND some Diavlo horns. It’ll be a Moshi-Franken-pumpkin! Comment on THIS blog and tell me what kind of pumpkin YOU would like to make.

Keep your eyes at hand…

How to get Bubbly on Moshi Monsters

Bubbly is a Moshling in Moshi Monsters that is in the cuties collection. She is quite easy to catch and you get her by planting specific seeds in your Moshi Monsters garden. You do not have to be a member to catch her neither do you have to buy something to get her.


Combination: Any 3 Crazy Daisy flowers.

Biography: Squishy beyond belief, Rubbery Bubberies are the stretchiest Moshlings ever. In fact many experts believe that these gentle, jelly-headed creatures can stretch their tentacles around the entire world of Moshi three times over and still reach the top shelf in the Gross-ery Store. I might test this theory out one day, as I love getting my name in The Moshi Book of Records. The only problem is that Rubbery Bubberies are goopendously slippery. And I should know because the last tume I tried to pull one out from under a rock it boinged in my face like a big sloppy rubber band.. ouch!

Personality: Flexible, emotional, vivacious.

Likes: Purple sprouting seaweed and Batty Bubblefish.

Dislikes: Pebbly beaches and the sound of balloons beings rubbed.

Habitat: Set sail on Potion Ocean and you’ll probably see a few Rubbery Bubberies bobbing about on the foamy waves.