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How to get Peeps Moshling on Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters moshling; Peeps is currently available for everybody whether you are a  member or not at the moment. However, the way to get him is very different to usual. Follow the steps below.


1. Email Buster at

2. In the subject box write ‘Peeps”.

3. Within the email kindy ask for Peeps seed code.

4. Then, Buster shall hopefully reply with the code, which gives you a seed that you plant alongside two other random seeds.

How to get Truffle on Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters earlier this month released information about a new moshling named Truffle. We did some digging and have finally found out how to get him.


To get Truffle, you have got to plant a Sprung Onions seed which can be obtained by entering a secret code. To get the code, you have to purchase the Truffle Carte Blanche plush. The code can only ever be used once by you and noone else.

How to get Pops Moshling on Moshi Monsters

We originally thought that Pops would could only be obtained by using a secret code which you could get from buying the Moshi Slopcorn container. However, We have now found out that Pops the Moshling can be obtained by using a general Secret Code. You do not have to be a moshi member to attract him.


To get Pop you must plant a Bop corn seed along with any other 2 plants in your garden to attract him. To get the Bop Corn seed, you must enter the secret code: WELOVESLOPCORN. Remember, this code only works once and never again. Wait a few hours, and you now have Pop.

How to get Linton on Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters have just released a new moshling called Linton along with his Combination code.We first saw sightings of him way back in March 2013 and it is only now that we are hearing about him.


To get Linton, unfortunatley you have to be a Moshi Member so that you can buy the specific seed named ‘Crazy Daisy’. Linton is not a hard moshling to catch all you have to do is plant; three Crazy Daisies, and if one isn’t purple, dig it up and replant until you have the correct combination.