Safer Internet Day

Hi Paw here telling you a bit about Safer Internet Day!

As we all know Moshi Monsters is a fun, exciting and safe game. But some people hack, scam or are just plain mean. To celebrate Safer Internet Day, Moshi Monsters HQ created a code to collect a unique item for your room! The code is:


Hope you enjoy the code,

Moshi Monsters Cheats


Moshi Monsters Jokes!

Hi Guys! Paw here telling you a few awesome Moshi Monsters jokes for you to share with your friends!

Q.Why did Zommer quit teaching?

A.Because he only had one pupil!

Q.Why was poor Furi crying?

A.Because all the monsters threw rox at him!

Q.Why did Sweet Tooth eat all his homework?

A.Because it was a piece of cake!

Keep watching out for more updated Moshi jokes!

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Food Factory

OMG! Paw here telling you about some PAWsome news about the food factory. Now you can buy real food factory items all over the UK! We might even be able to do a competition with some awesome food factory items as a prize! Keep on looking for news about the food factory toys!

Have a MOSHI-tastic day!

Paw and the rest of the team


The Glump Sharks

Hi Guys! Paw here telling you a bit about Glump Sharks.

The Glump Sharks are mutant glumps. They appear in season 2 mission 9: Missing On A Star where the Super Moshi must de-glump them and free trapped moshlings. They are half fish- half glump.

150px-Shark_Bruiser  150px-Shark_Fishlips 150px-Shark_Pong


The Bruiser Shark          The Fishlips Shark          The Pirate Pong Shark