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Shoney’s New Music Video Released

Moshi Monsters Recently Released Shoney The Moshling’s New Music Video that features Shoney causing havoc in Monstro City! Check out the Exclusive New Video Below:

This may be an Exclusive on what is to come with Shoney in Moshi Monsters?! We shall keep you updated. If you want Shoney in your Moshling Zoo than click here to see his Combination

‘Poppet’ Magazine Review

Mind Candy the Creators of Moshi Monsters have just launched their new magazine aimed at girls, named Poppet after one of the most popular Moshi Monsters characters and guess what? We got our hands on one!

poppet review

The magazine, that comes out monthly, is jam packed full of awesome cool stuff from Serena’s Puzzles to Poppet’s Pets: Baby Moshlings. Each mag is focused on a certain topic changing each issue but revolving around Tech & Moshi Monsters. My first impressions were that it was just another fun filled waste away girly mag. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

The Poppet mag, with its pink central character, was a joy to read with my most favorite section being Juno’s Kitchen! It is nice to see at least one magazine includes food & Tech! Haha. It is filled with fun & passion with aims to show its female audience what a career in tech is all about,each issue will include a section looking at the different roles for women within the technology industry – including developers, product managers and coders.It will also include puzzles, stories, interviews and recipe pages. Colourful and vibrant, It got me attached.

Upon reading the magazine, I was disheartened by the lack of Tech information. However, Speaking to The Huffington Post UK Lifestyle, Poppet editor Jessica King explained,”We want the magazine to be varied and that is why we have included all sorts of different pages that we know are popular with young people. We hope that this will open doors for our readers in a manner they are comfortable with; even if tech is an unknown or potentially scary subject for the reader, they will still be able to access it using the magazine as a platform,” she said. However, once the magazine has established a readership Jessica says Poppet will up its technology focus.

The magazine does very well at including its audience with many fun things to do such as Serena’s Puzzles, Poppet Poster, Juno’s Kitchen: Earth Day Bars & Competitions. It also allows its readers to be featured in the magazine with its new,’Dear Poppet’ Section. The key aspect that I enjoy about the magazine is that it involves Tech, even though there is a lack of it,within a well thought and put together Girly mag. Don’t get me wrong, it is defiantly a girly mag, must read. As well as Poppet herself, the magazine will feature four other Moshi Monsters characters known as the Poppeteers, each with their own personality and skills.

poppet review 2

The pink smothered mag, this month contains goodies such as girly tattoos, a notepad and Sweets! What could be better? It is fun & interesting to read but it had some harsh criticism from others,”Computer games and video games are considered boy’s territory” however, the assumption that girls don’t like games, or that they can’t succeed in tech roles is a complete myth! Its a new market that has yet to be explored.

The Poppet magazine will come out every four weeks, priced at £2.99. The first issue, themed around Earth Day, will be on the shelf from 27 March from newsagents and retailers. It gets the thumbs up from us!

How to get Mrs. Snoodle on Moshi Monsters Village Code

Moshi Monsters Village is a game were you collect moshlings such as Mrs. Snoodles.To get Mrs. Snoodle you need to purchase the Moshi Monsters: The Movie DVD, that’s released on April 14th 2014 in the United Kingdom.

1. Buy the Moshi Movie DVD.
2. Find the secret Moshi Village Mrs Snoodle code in the DVD.
3. Follow the instructions.
4. Enjoy your Mrs Snoodle code.

Also: The Movie DVD will come with a secret code to get Mrs. Snoodle in-game, making there two ways to get Mrs. Snoodle. (from her plush and from the DVD – both paid unfortunately)

Moshi Monsters Room Update & Mr. Snoodle Redesign

Lately there have been many changes on Moshi Monsters such as The ‘Moshling Zoo’ and ‘Moshling Garden’ doors have been updated!


They are just some of the updates coming to Moshi Monsters in the upcoming months! Also, Mr. Snoodles has had a re-design and Mrs. Snoodles has been released with a combination. Check our blog for the combination!

That is his brand new design! It is more like his music video Do the Doodle now! Comment below if you prefer the new version of Mr. Snoodle!

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